Life in bullets.

I know I have been MIA for a long time. When I wrote the previous post I was seriously hoping to revive the almost dead blog but life has never been predictable for me. Whenever I decide to do something or plan ahead something happens so much so that I dread planning this much in advance these days. A lot has happened over the past few months.

  • We celebrated my in-laws 60th birthday “Shastiapthapoorthi” in Jan. Whoever has experienced Delhi winters would know how hard it is to host a function in January winters. We had relatives from Chennai and Mumbai who are used to wearing sweaters when its 20 degree Celsius. Imagine calling them to Delhi in Jan! Nevertheless, the function went on really well. Thankfully we have rented a huge house. We could accommodate everyone with ease.
  • I went to my hometown within the next few weeks to ttend my sister’s baby shower. She is blessed with a beautiful daughter and the lil one is the apple of everyone’s eyes.
  • Sometime during the function I felt a bit dizzy and although I came back to Delhi next day I started worrying too much about my dizziness. It started to get worse and I started feeling as if I was walking on the clouds. It was a very dreadful few months. I went from one Dr to another only to be given a clean chit. The orthopedic tried convincing me that I am suffering from anxiety and nothing else. But my mind refused to believe. I wasn’t making it up afterall. The symptoms whatsoever were so real!!
  • In the middle of all this S had to travel to the US. He left sometime in the middle of March and I was at the worst phase of my whatever problem that was!
  • I was so scared thinking I had some worst kind of illness and I was missing S. And I burst out in front of my father-in-law. He was so not expecting this and did not know how to react. He immediately made me book tickets to the US and convinced me that change of place will do good to me.
  • I was panicking at the thought of flying alone and that too a 13hr long direct flight. Someone I know old me about a homeopathic remedy. Although I was hesitant I took it just before the flight and I felt really calm and relaxed.
  • I continued that for the next few days and the dizziness magically disappeared. How thankful I am to that noble soul who told me about the remedy! I am trying to work through a few more  issues and if I see results I am going to take that up seriously. Placebo or not. To me if it works, thats what matters!
  • We had a lot of fun this time in USA. We went to Philly, Baltimore, Washington DC Cherry Blossom festival, Atlantic City, Niagra Falls and few nearby places.
  • We barbecued on the lakeside , went on long drives. It was a very good trip overall.
  • I came back to Delhi last week. But I had some small health issue and had to be hospitalized. I am so glad it happened after I landed here. I can’t even imagine something like that happening while on the flight and for that matter in US. Somehow I wasn’t too happy about the whole healthcare system in US but that calls for another post.
  • I am glad to be back home and I am recovering slowly.
  • I hope to get back to writing and reading more.

How have you all been? I haven’t read anything for a long time. Am I missing some big news? Chalo batao!

Happy weekend!!



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  1. Take care Sia. few points in the post got me worried. Big hugs! Glad to see you back here 🙂

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