I am alive..

..And kicking!!

We have moved back to Hyderabad (hopefully, for good). I have always been a big fan of Hyd. I remember admiring the beauty of Hussain Sagar Lake and Necklace Road when I visited the city of Nizams back in 2003. I came here to write my law entrance exams at NALSAR Hyderabad. Well, don’t ask me how did I end up in an IT company then. That’s the big story!!


I was again here in 2010. S and I had an amazing time and those days will always remain special. We had an amazing set of friends and endless discussions, playing pictionary etc was a routine. Fast forward 2016, the city has changed a lot, so have the people!! There is so much traffic! Friends have moved on in life.. But I still share the same love for the city.

Ever since we moved here, life has been very hectic. I was working from home for the past 4 years and suddenly going back to office feels so different. 24 hrs seem less. Work is challenging and I am the only girl in the team.  I am doing a good job and my manager is very happy with me. Infact, he wants me to lead the offshore team soon.

I love the apartment we love in. Its a gated community with all amenities. Back in Delhi we could not have afforded such a plush apartment. I feel so grateful to be living here.

So how are you all doing






4 responses

    1. Thanks BM 🙂

  1. Good Luck for all the new beginnings and may you reach newer heights in your work life 🙂

    1. Thanks ME.I have been totally missing from the blogging world. Read a couple of your posts.. Will read properly again and comment..

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