“Music is what feelings sounds like” – Anonymous


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Music has been a been an integral part of my life. I was introduced to music at a very young age. Back then, the Iyer families had an unwritten rule – Girls should learn vocal and boysmust pursue some instrument. I was never given an option and from the time I remember I have been learning Carnatic music. My paati (grandmum) would wake me up early in the morning to practice those Varanams which I used to hate btw! Eventually life got busier, studies took over and my music classes came to a full stop. However, Carnatic music was just a seed which  slowly grew into a big tree the branches  of which have now spread far and wide.

Music is now a constant companion in my life. Whether I’m listening to songs or not, music is playing in my head all the time. It takes me to places I’ve visited, to situations I have been in and brings back all those bitter sweet memories. Listening to some of the songs still provides the same sense of support and comfort that I once got from listening to them. In short, music is my mood altering drug, it makes me smile, angry, cry my heart out.

Sometimes I wonder what music means to me? I think I can never answer that question to my utmost satisfaction. It’s really difficult to explain how I feel music in simple words. When I was in school it helped me become popular, back in college it helped my love life and healed my heartbreaks. It made me bond with S at one point and now, it helps me overcome my mood swings. Music, is how I relate myself to the world. It gets me going!

Today, while S and I were driving to work, I got a sudden idea. I decided that henceorth, we will songs while driving to work. Believe me, this small exercise kindled so many wonderful memories we both shared from the time we were dating. The journey which would irritate many a times due to traffic snarls suddenly seemed so smooth.We sang Lag Ja Gale from Woh Kaun Thi sung by Lata ji. It was so much fun singing in two different tones. Its one of my favorite old songs and the fact that we recently watched ADHM made this our first “Sing & Drive” song.

For those who have never tried this singing exercise, trust me it’s the best way to bring out the hidden romance in your relationship. Try , it sure works!

Signing off with a very simple question, What does music mean to you?




6 responses

  1. Music means peace to me. No-matter what am doing I resign myself to the music to be at peace while I keep going on with my life and work.
    Happy Blogging for NaBloPoMo.
    Let’s rock it together!

  2. Music has been a big part of me. . Especially while driving to work and back that 80 minutes each way is me and my world in the little cubicle of my car.. and I am the king..

    People probably see a mad indian shouting at the top of his voice inside …

    All the best …

    1. Thanks Bikram 🙂

  3. Sia,

    hi-5! I know what you mean by the mandatory Carnatic music (music in general) or atleast some classical dance. I was not an exception and learnt for a couple of years before my music teacher left for the US. After that, I pursued Carnatic music in my university as well but with an emphasis on devotional songs. Music is a great avenue for creative expression for me. K and I sing along during our walks as well and sometimes share headphones and just “mouth” the songs (you know what I mean?) So liberating. Wish you musical journeys! 🙂
    Psst. gave me an idea for my post as well.

    1. Thanks Toffee 🙂 Its good to know that you’re still pursuing music. I am planning to start again too..

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