Disclaimer : This post is basically me ranting about the workplace politics.

Today marks my first anniversary at my current workplace and coincidentally today is when I am frustrated the most about working here. Past one year has been nothing less than a roller-coaster in terms of career. I started off as a senior developer in this firm and within a month of joining I was promoted as the offshore lead. I received so many appreciations from the client that at one point  I was even considered for a fastrack promotion. This did not go well with  a few people and they played politics, D.I.R.T.Y politics!! I am the only girl in the team but I ensured I never brought gender in the way of work. I slogged like a pig till 10.30/ 11 PM every day only to deal with the politics  these people played!

I am so disappointed at the state of Indian IT companies. Most of these companies are driven only by politics, Politics and POLITICS! Prior to joining this firm I worked for a US based firm, me being their only employee from India. With 6-7 years experience, I was the youngest there, while the average experience of people in that firm was at least 15 years. However, I was treated at par with a 15year experienced person. My opinions were valued, my mistakes were corrected. Trust me when I say that Indians can never match the professionalism in the West.  The amount of respect they have for people irrespective of the age/sex, their non-judgmental attitude are some of the things that Indians can never learn! Gross generalization? Think about it, you will not disagree!

When I think about all the happenings from the past 1 year I feel I should give up, not because I can’t handle but, the fact that my team doesn’t deserve a hard-working, straight forward person.

Sangita Singh (my role model) , Indra Nooyi, Chanda Kochar – Today my respect for you has grown even more. Now I know what it means to work and rise in a male chauvinist Indian IT industry!

For now, this quote is my savior!


                                                                                                            Credits : Google Images


I will rise and I will SHINE!




2 responses

  1. Oh yes I am sure you will.. my best wishes..

    But hey if not for politics then workplace will be boring …😀😀😀

  2. http://sweeetmixture.blogspot.co.uk/ | Reply

    I hear you..hugs…I wonder if there will be a time atleast in our kids generation that Indians will behave professionally at workplace..

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