Ae Dil Hai Mushkil – My views Part 2

After seeing so many mixed reviews about movie all over the media, you might be be thinking what makes me write not one but two posts  on Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, right?

One, I had to get into a call yesterday night while I was writing this post and hence  had to really cut it short. Secondly, the movie despite its flaws, is based on a subject that is very pertinent in today’s times -friendship/ love/heartbreak. Thirdly, I am a sucker for romance, in real life, and in books and film, I love it in any form :).

Well, ADHM is most definitely not in the list of romantic movies that I can watch over and over but I actually felt like I was watching some of my life in the film. Like I already mentioned yesterday, the movie revolves around the subject of unrequited love and I can safely say that I am an expert on it :). You know when you love someone and they don’t love you  in that sense… Having been through all of that, I could connect a lot with the movie. Before I decide to go tangent and start writing about my heartbreak and love life, lets come back to the movie.


I have never been a big fan of Ranbir Kapoor and he did not impress me much in this movie as well. Maybe, I did not understand his character quite well. I thought he was very immature. It was an extension of his character from Rockstar college boy. Anushka, as a free spirited girl played her part really well. Fawad’s  hardly has any role so there is nothing much to comment. Infact, I saw more of Fawad in #BanPakActors debate than in the actual movie. Makes me think if it was all a media hype to promote the movie ? Aishwarya, despite a short stint made her presence felt.  But the best part for me was those 2 minutes that Sharukh’s comes and delivers this dialogue!

‘Ek tarfa pyar ki taqat hi kuch aur hoti hai, yeh do logon ke beech nahin hoti hai, is mein sirf mera haque hai, mera’

SRK you are truly the king of romance 🙂

What did not go well with the movie is the overall length and the way the whole subject is dealt. I wish the movie was done differently keeping the essence intact. Also, a little more maturity in Ranbir character would have been better, personally!  Songs are really good. The locations, costume, dialogue are all flawless, after its a KJo movie, had to be larger than life!

I would say, watch it once. Its isn’t as bad as it is portrayed in the social media and its definitely not the best romantic movie as well, infact, I would rate it quite low in Karan’s list of movies. Watch it, because the movie talks about friendship and heartbreak and you would definitely relate to atleast one of the two!




3 responses

  1. I too like the concept in the movie about platonic relationship which is not truly understood by anyone…The unwritten rule is a boy and a girl can never be friends, it has to a boy friend or a girl friend. I love anushka in this movie…as an actor she have changed a lot compared to her initial movies.

    1. Saritha – My husband and I are debating about it for the past 13 years.. P.S :- We were best friends in college 🙂

  2. Pls read has instead of have…

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