Essential Oils – My new found love ..

For the longest time, I wanted to dabble with essential oils, especially after reading so much about them.  Just that I never got chance to try them until we moved to our new house. ( Yayyy, I will write about this big news in a separate post).

It so happened that my mother-in-law got a Aroma Diffuser as a gift and she lovingly handed it over to me. That was the trigger and I immediately started researching about the essential oils. From what I read online, essential oils have become truly essential due to their numerous health benefits and extensive uses. From treating medical issues, aromatherapy to massage blends and skin-care DIY recipes, essential oils are used extensively.

The first oil that I bought was Kashmiri Nilgiri  from Forrest Essentials. It smells divine and is absolutely soothing. The only problem is that its very hard to resist and is a little too expensive. This one costed about 1070 Rs for a 15ml  so I am forced to use it judiciously:)20161105_140113

Since this one was bit expensive I decided to research more and that’s how I found Moksha Lifestyle. I wanted to buy everything they offer seeing their affordable pricing but I restricted myself and decided to try their Moksha Essentials Pack of 6 and a couple of other oils.The order arrived today and came in a neat packaging. Here’s my Moksha haul 🙂


Right now, I have the Lemongrass burning in our Diffuser and the house smells amazing. I have still not used all of them so expect more reviews in the coming days. Apart from the frarance factor, essentials oils have a lot of health benefits. I am no doctor and have absolutely no background ina romatherapy but there are plenty of information available online. I do hope to read a bit more and start using them for minor issues like stress, minor body pains etc but all of that after I gain some knowledge.



6 responses

  1. Have never laid my hands on these essential oils, now your post has triggered me to look out for one 😊

    1. Try try and let me know 🙂

  2. I love them, and mostly use the ones from Ancient Living. 🙂 Forest Essentials ones cost a bomb!:D

    1. Thanks Swaram. Let me check Ancient Living.. Never tried it.. But tell me some good fragrances na? I have tried lemongrass, teat tree, rosemary..
      FE Kashmiri Nilgiri is really divine.

      1. Citronella – drives away mosquitoes. Lavender is good too. Basil ofcourse. 🙂

  3. Also ylang ylang, esp. the one from Khadi India.

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