Okay, I admit! This is much difficult than I thought :(. On a normal day I would never have signed up for NaBloPoMo after reading that one needs to post every single day for a month. While it might sound difficult to some, its impossible for me, or so I think!! If there is one thing I lack its DETERMINATION. If only I had half the said determination I would have been in a different place in life right now. Be it health, relations, hobbies, I just don’t have the will to pull it long. But off late, I came across some really inspirational people, kids especially that I felt ashamed of myself. Right when I was contemplating on some self- improvement NaBloPoMo flashed! I took it as a sign from Universe!!ce8989a8e0a217ed8caacf81ebca23bd

                                                                                                      Pic Credits: Pinterest


I had a busy day at work and I kind of had a brain freeze. I wrote about 400 lines of code only to reach a dead end. Looks like the whole approach is wrong. I tried to come up with some way to reach the end goal but looks like that is not going to happen and I may need to start over again. Blogging was the last thing I wanted to do. My hands and my brain are completely numb.

But then this is a challenge to myself, I am in no way giving up, not so early atleast!!



2 responses

  1. Yay to the spirit. 🙂

    1. Thanks.. I need people like you to push me hard..

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