One Indian Girl – Book Review

One Indian Girl : Chetan Bhagat

After a long sabbatical from reading, I decided to pick  One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat. Chetan Bhagat is truly the most loved or, the most hated author in the country I have never been a big fan of Chetan but have always found his books to be light reads. Personally, I think he is average but yes, definitely over-rated. I really liked his 2 States and 5 Point Someone but hated a few. So when I got my hands on this one, I knew it could go any side.


When I went through the initial review, I found the book to very polarising. Either people were praising it or bashing it badly. Chetan’s books are more like Bollywood scripts. One Indian Girl is no exception.

The protagonist of this book is Radhika Mehta. She is a high-earning, successful investment banker who is opinionated and independent. She is also a feminist (or so they think). She is very intelligent and after her MBA degree from IIM; she lands herself a job as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs. The book is about her high flying life at Goldman Sachs ,her affairs and finally how she settles for an arranged marriage Anything more would lead to Spoilers so I would stop at this.

I had not expected anything different from this book or from Chetan Bhagat. As always I found the book neither too good not too bad. My only issue was with the level of detailing in certain places, like the waxing scene. It was as if Chetan Bhagat had actually waxed himself to come up with all those details :D. The other area which was too much was the sex scenes. I have no issues with sex being talked about, but too much detailing makes it erotic!!

Oh ya one last thing, there nothing feminist about Radhika’s character. I think Chetan has got the whole definition of feminist wrong. Successful, High Earning and  Independent does not make one feminist!!



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