Party All Time..

I just got back from an office party and have absolutely no idea what to write about. for today’s NaBloPoMo.. So I am going to just write whatever that comes to my mind and fill this space. We had gone to Golkonda Resorts for our annual team outing today. I had been to this resort 5 years back from my previous company as well and I must say the resort looks much better now. There were a lot of games, both indoor and outdoor. I played Tennis for the first time in my life. I have always loved Tennis and often wondered if I would ever be able to play it. I knew its a very high-energy sport and often doubted my stamina. But I could survive for more than 45 mins playing it.. Although I played with a lot newbies it felt really good to hold the racquet and run all over the court for such a long time.

I also played pool and it was really good too. Being the only girl in the team has its own perks. People are willing you teach you these games etc patiently.. There was cricket and handball as well.  I had mentioned that  was having a very busy week and this was a nice welcome break. We took some funny pics at the photo-booth and shook at legs to some Bollywood and Tollywood numbers. The party ended with good food. Overall I had a nice fun time.

More later..



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  1. I so miss Hyderabad! Glad your posts take me back there. 🙂

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