Rock On..

Ok, this is going to be a cheat post again because I just got back home after watching Rock On 2. Both me and my eyes are extremely tired and I can’t wait to crash..

But, let me give a quick review of the movie before I go..Not sure how many of you remember Rock On (1?). Honestly, I have very few memories. Rock On 2  is sort of a continuation of the original one.  The movie was a bit slow and not at all commercial. It was like watching a play or a serial. I don’t know why but I liked it!


I was telling S that its time people look beyond mirch masala and appreciate movies for performances, the thought process and  the concept rather than giving too much importance to the star cast and the commercial aspect. So, Rock On 2 was quite slow but the overall story, the locations, the emotions were all fantastic. The music was really good and Usha Uthup rocked!!




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