Me Time..

So S works for this cool orgnisation that has taken the whole team for a full day outing to a nice resort in Hyderabad! He left even before I work up err not really, I did wake up and quickly made some dosas and chai for him and went back to sleep. The maid and cook came very late thankfully and I could catch up on my much needed sleep.

Although S and I have our own interests and we are pretty good at not interfering in other’s ME time, weekends are always about shared interests. More like buying groceries, washing clothes, catching up on a movie. Today I just decided to relax and do what my heart said.

So what exactly did I do in my “ME” time?

Watched a lotttt of TED videos. While S is TV addict, I am more of internet junkie. I can live without a TV for months but take off the wifi and I go mad. I don’t exactly remember how I started watching TED but I am so hooked to it. There are so many topics, such good speakers and I draw a lot of motivation from watching those videos. Somewhere in my 50th video there was a talk on Decluttering/Minimalistic Living. I saw, I got inspired and here is the result


I quickly scanned my cupboard and took out all those dresses that I have not worn in the past 3 months. I am a bigggg hoarder and I used to be a compulsive shopper. At one point nothing could make me happier than a new dress or a cosmetic. Every weekend I would shop because there was nothing else more enjoyable than that.

Net result? I have dresses that can last for atleast 6 months! And you know what the bigger issue is? I can’t throw stuff. I’d just hold on to them, thinking I will become thin someday or it was given by a xyz person, or it reminded me of some special moment.

S and I have had so many arguments on this and nothing ever gave me the motivation to declutter. Thanks to the Ted talk and my much deserved ME time, my cupboard is now less 30 pieces of clothing!



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