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Essential Oils – My new found love ..

For the longest time, I wanted to dabble with essential oils, especially after reading so much about them.  Just that I never got chance to try them until we moved to our new house. ( Yayyy, I will write about this big news in a separate post).

It so happened that my mother-in-law got a Aroma Diffuser as a gift and she lovingly handed it over to me. That was the trigger and I immediately started researching about the essential oils. From what I read online, essential oils have become truly essential due to their numerous health benefits and extensive uses. From treating medical issues, aromatherapy to massage blends and skin-care DIY recipes, essential oils are used extensively.

The first oil that I bought was Kashmiri Nilgiri  from Forrest Essentials. It smells divine and is absolutely soothing. The only problem is that its very hard to resist and is a little too expensive. This one costed about 1070 Rs for a 15ml  so I am forced to use it judiciously:)20161105_140113

Since this one was bit expensive I decided to research more and that’s how I found Moksha Lifestyle. I wanted to buy everything they offer seeing their affordable pricing but I restricted myself and decided to try their Moksha Essentials Pack of 6 and a couple of other oils.The order arrived today and came in a neat packaging. Here’s my Moksha haul 🙂


Right now, I have the Lemongrass burning in our Diffuser and the house smells amazing. I have still not used all of them so expect more reviews in the coming days. Apart from the frarance factor, essentials oils have a lot of health benefits. I am no doctor and have absolutely no background ina romatherapy but there are plenty of information available online. I do hope to read a bit more and start using them for minor issues like stress, minor body pains etc but all of that after I gain some knowledge.



Ae Dil Hai Mushkil – My views Part 2

After seeing so many mixed reviews about movie all over the media, you might be be thinking what makes me write not one but two posts  on Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, right?

One, I had to get into a call yesterday night while I was writing this post and hence  had to really cut it short. Secondly, the movie despite its flaws, is based on a subject that is very pertinent in today’s times -friendship/ love/heartbreak. Thirdly, I am a sucker for romance, in real life, and in books and film, I love it in any form :).

Well, ADHM is most definitely not in the list of romantic movies that I can watch over and over but I actually felt like I was watching some of my life in the film. Like I already mentioned yesterday, the movie revolves around the subject of unrequited love and I can safely say that I am an expert on it :). You know when you love someone and they don’t love you  in that sense… Having been through all of that, I could connect a lot with the movie. Before I decide to go tangent and start writing about my heartbreak and love life, lets come back to the movie.


I have never been a big fan of Ranbir Kapoor and he did not impress me much in this movie as well. Maybe, I did not understand his character quite well. I thought he was very immature. It was an extension of his character from Rockstar college boy. Anushka, as a free spirited girl played her part really well. Fawad’s  hardly has any role so there is nothing much to comment. Infact, I saw more of Fawad in #BanPakActors debate than in the actual movie. Makes me think if it was all a media hype to promote the movie ? Aishwarya, despite a short stint made her presence felt.  But the best part for me was those 2 minutes that Sharukh’s comes and delivers this dialogue!

‘Ek tarfa pyar ki taqat hi kuch aur hoti hai, yeh do logon ke beech nahin hoti hai, is mein sirf mera haque hai, mera’

SRK you are truly the king of romance 🙂

What did not go well with the movie is the overall length and the way the whole subject is dealt. I wish the movie was done differently keeping the essence intact. Also, a little more maturity in Ranbir character would have been better, personally!  Songs are really good. The locations, costume, dialogue are all flawless, after its a KJo movie, had to be larger than life!

I would say, watch it once. Its isn’t as bad as it is portrayed in the social media and its definitely not the best romantic movie as well, infact, I would rate it quite low in Karan’s list of movies. Watch it, because the movie talks about friendship and heartbreak and you would definitely relate to atleast one of the two!



Ae Dil Hai Mushkil – My views Part 1

I don’t write too many reviews often but there is something about this movie that compels me to talk about it. For the uninitiated, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is Karan Johar’s latest movie starring Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Aishwarya Rai and Fawad Khan. I love  Karan Johar’s movie. They have always been larger than life, transporting us to a totally new world for those 2/3 hours. He is donning the director’s hat after 4 long years so ther ewas no question, I had to watch the movie!

The reviews are all over the internet so I am not even going to get too much into those details. I will just give an overview.


The film follows two main characters Ayan (Ranbir) and Alizeh (Anushka) who are friends till Ayan starts loving Alizeh. Alizeh friend-zones him because she is already in love with Ali (Fawad) however, she loves Ayan  dearly “as a friend”.  She even invites him to her marriage with Ali. Well, Alizeh is very clear that friends should remain friends and she carries that opinion right till the end. Unable to overome the heartbreak,  he cuts all ties with Alizeh. A few months down the line, he meets a Urdu poetess Saba (Ash) in a flight. Ayan lands himself at Vienna to meet Saba. Saba is recently divorced from Tahir (Shahrukh) and she enters into a no-strings-attached kid of a living relationship with Ayan. Tahir is still loves Saba but the latter has moved on.

What happens thereafter? Does Ayan meet Alizeh again? Are Alizeh and Ali  happily married?  Or does Alizeh marry Ayan finally? What about Saba?.. In short, ADHM is about heartbreak, unrequited love, friendship and all the emotions that go with it.

I see a lot of myself in this movie. Why? I will continue in the next post.


Behind the wheel..

While I brood about 2014 not being too good to me, I must agree it had its high points too. In fact there were quite a few moments which I conveniently ignored whilst I was busy obsessing over unfulfilled dreams and wishes. But hey, I am rising up after hitting rock bottom! I am consciously focussing on good and positive things. Of course, there are down days but by and large I am good.

So coming to the point – When I look at 2014 my biggest achievement has been moving behind the wheel. Yes, after 3 futile attempts at driving in 3 different cities I finally started driving in Delhi’s maddening traffic. I had learnt driving way back in 2007. However, I never pursued it since I moved first to Bangalore and then to Chennai. Post marriage I tried to learn again in Hyderabad and slowly started driving but we got transferred again to Delhi. When we first came I thought I could manage, especially since I had taken driving classes twice already.

I remember that cold Sunday morning when S took BIL and I to Karkardooma ground for driving practice. We took turns and both of us drove pretty well so S decided we could start driving on the main road. BIL drove first and then came my turn. I slowly picked up some speed only to be followed by 2 buses on either side. Then hell broke loose. There were many vehicles behind me including those DTC buses. The engine shut and I was unable to turn it on and make it move. I got scared and my mind went completely blank. We were at a traffic signal.  I started panicking and got down from the car in the middle of the road! I could see bus drivers shouting, a visibly embarrassed S furiously taking over the driver’s seat shouting at me and the fright on BIL’s face! That, I thought was the end of my driving saga!

Then again sometime in 2013 end I decided to take driving classes again. Yes! I guess I owed a lot of money to driving classes in my previous birth which I am repaying in this birth. This time I decided not to give any break and set out on the road as soon as the class ended. Whattay decision that was! I started driving, FINALLY!! End of 2013, we bought a Duster but I was quite comfortable in my cute little hatchback.

Finally 2014, I was driving everywhere. I can now drive the Duster comfortably and I am so proud of myself. It’s a sight to watch people’s reaction when they see a Duster whizz past them, and a lady driving it 🙂

This is the first part of MyBestof2014 trilogy that I am planning to do. Watch this space for more!




Andaman Chronicles – Part 1

S and I were toying around with the idea of going to Andaman for the past 1.5 years. My sister went there for her honeymoon and came back with amazing pictures and reviews of the place. After multiple bookings and cancellations in the past we finally stuck with our plan this time,. The idea was to have a beach anniversary  since the last one was at  the hills..So Thailand and Andaman were the only two plausible options. After having a series of discussions with various tour operators, friends , posting in various forums it was decided that Andaman would be a better bet during October end.

I kind of had an idea that  Andaman was beautiful place since a few of my friends had been there and posted their pictures in Facebook. My sister, like I said was extremely satisfied with her vacation as well. But what I experienced there is beyond words. I would love to go back to Andaman once, twice and many more times.

If you are visiting this blog for the first time and reading this post, then chances are that you are planning to go to Andaman as well..If yes, please do it right away. You will surely not regret it..

So I have decided to document the whole trip here. I hope it gives some insight to people who are planning a vacation in breathtaking Andamans.


The initial planning :-

I am a big believer of self managed trips and I feel if you have the time and energy to do the required research one can come up with beautiful trips. Most of our vacations in the past were planned by me and they worked perfect for us. With that motivation  in mind I started my initial research about all important places  in Andamans. I spoke to a lot of people who had been there in the past and gathered information about some ‘must visit’ places and some trashy ones that can be skipped.  The date was more or less fixed since it was supposed to be during our anniversary.  With a 2 page report about the rough itinerary I started calling up various hotels. That is when I found that most hotels were already booked or blocked by various travel agents. After repeated rejections from the selected hotels I could see the fizz going down.. Office work took a toll on the planning and the whole thing took a pause for a while. Finally, I decided to take help from the travel operators since I was sure they would have the hotels I wanted, I called up various tour operators and got all of their itineraries. Most of them had the group tours which meant we would have to travel with a group of people everywhere. The advantage here was that food was completely taken care of. Most of these travel sites has all 3 meals or atleast the breakfast and dinner included in their plan. But somehow the idea of going with group did not excite me.

Then I started looking for travel sites and agents who would just book hotels for us and the tickets and sightseeing would be done by us. With that plan I started negotiating the hotels. But the problem here was the ferry tickets. Most of the travel in Andaman is done by ferry and some of them did not have proper information about their booking procedures. The Government ferry tickets could not be pre-booked and some other ferry tickets bookings were not open yet. Finally I gave up the idea of self managing the trip.

After talking to both local tour agents and the ones from Andaman itself I found the latter to be more informative and efficient for obvious reasons.

Andaman Excursion:

I spoke to a lot of travel agents in Andaman, got all their itinerary and negotiated the cost. In the end I decided that Andaman Excursion was the best. The guy, Ganesh (for those who are interested) with whom I spoke was very polite and he gave  me multiple options considering my interests and options. The price was reasonable and they had packages at every price range based on the hotel we select.  After multiple rounds of calls, discussions and back to back itinerary change we came up with the final plan. It was at this stage that I told S about the trip and later booked our flight tickets, For Oct 26 there was Jet Konnect, Air India and one other flight from Delhi to Port Blair. Air India was an early morning flight so I booked it thinking it would give us enough time to roam about on Day 1.

The return trip was via Chennai since we wanted to celebrate Diwali with grandparents and my parents in Chennai. The return from Port Blair to Chennai was booked in Spice Jet. The flight was at 1 o clock in the afternoon and it reached Chennai at 3 PM.

Thus we bid goodbye to Andaman with heart full of memories.

All subsequent posts will have a day to day account of our Andaman vacation..

Stay tuned!