Yaay, I am going home :)

This is going to be really short. I just got back home and I have a bus to catch at 9 PM. I am going home 🙂



Wordless Wednesday

This is where I want to be, right now!


I have visited US two times  (2014, 2015) and both times we were in Jersey City. As much as I missed home and family while staying there, I loved very bit of NYC. Its been more than 1.5 years since my last visit and I am missing the city so much 😦

Fingers crossed for S’s visa to get renewed quickly 😀



Two things – 1) I did not get tagged 2) I did not get any award. This tag is solely for NaBloPoMo. Its 22nd and I have already drained myself out of topics.

I have never been an avid blogger,neither am I  very creative. My blog posts are always about mundane stuff, day to day events, my thoughts, sometimes reviews and very rarely about recipes. So I am totally clueless on how I am going to survive for next 8 days :(.  I know I don’t write that well ,but the only reason I blog is because its therapeutic. There are days when not even a single sole comes here ( yes I do check stats daily) . Yet, writing eases my tensions. Its like taking all the tensions and putting it into this virtual space.

When I took this challenge I knew I would not even post for a week, let alone complete the whole challenge. So having come this far, I don’t want to quit. I was searching for some tag to tick one more day and kind of took this from my good friend Visha‘s blog.

Rules of the tag:

Answer all the questions. No ‘pass’ or ‘no idea’ type of answers.
(No cursing me if you found the tag to be difficult while attempting.)

Here is the tag :

List all the ingredients which went into making the most interesting dish you ate today.
What is the current wallpaper of your laptop/phone/tablet?
How do you wear your hair when at home?
When you visit any restaurant, what is the first thing you search for, in the menu?
What is the advertisement from your childhood that you recall even today.
Have you implemented a beauty tip/hack which you were told to, and been mortified by the results?
At your home, where do the newspapers find themselves to be the most useful?
During a visit to any mall, what do you find yourself searching first?
This tag is over now. Explain your state of mind.

Go on. Get tagged!!


No Updates

This is my third attempt at writing today’s post. I wanted to write about a cute girl whose Facebook page  I have been a follower of, for the past couple of years. This girl is suffering from a rare form of cancer called DIPG. I wanted to write a quick post, more for the awareness  purpose but the latest updates about her have made me really sad. I do’t think I can express the agony of the parents and the struggle that a 6 year old is going through in words. When you read this, please pray for Anya and her parents. Pray that the baby is happy, that her parents find enough strength to put a brave face in front of the kid, and more importantly, pray that they find more and more reasons to smile everyday.




Small Joys

It suddenly dawned to S and me that it has been more than a month since we moved to our new home and we haven’t spend any quality time exploring our apartment complex. After a having a sumptuous brunch at Fusion 9, I had no mood to spend any more time outside. We came home early and I had a nice siesta. It was only 5PM so we decided to head out for a walk and take a tour of the society. With people moving in slowly the society is turning out to be a beautiful place to love and we are utterly greatful for that. The plants which were small and tiny while we moved have grown so big and have started flowering. The horticulture team in our society has done a marvelous job.

Look at these beauties 🙂



More about ur new home in some other post..