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Mandalas – Stress Busters

This is my latest find in the market :-A mandala coloring book for adult! I would totally recommend it! After a stressful day at work coloring these beautiful patterns, earphones plugged into ears, gives a lot of peace and calm!


Wordless Wednesday

This is where I want to be, right now!


I have visited US two times ¬†(2014, 2015) and both times we were in Jersey City. As much as I missed home and family while staying there, I loved very bit of NYC. Its been more than 1.5 years since my last visit and I am missing the city so much ūüė¶

Fingers crossed for S’s visa to get renewed quickly ūüėÄ



This is my view currently!! The image was shared in the whatsapp owners group of my new apartment by one of the members with a kickass camera..img_20161114_225417

Pic Credits: S from I block

. I am super grateful for this view and for the fact that we are in this apartment complex!


Rock On..

Ok, this is going to be a cheat post again because I just got back home after watching Rock On 2. Both me and my eyes are extremely tired and I can’t wait to crash..

But, let me give a quick review of the movie before I go..Not sure how many of you remember Rock On (1?). Honestly, I have very few memories. Rock On 2¬† is sort of a continuation of the original one. ¬†The movie was a bit slow and not at all commercial. It was like watching a play or a serial. I don’t know why but I liked it!


I was telling S that its time people look beyond mirch masala and appreciate movies for performances, the thought process and  the concept rather than giving too much importance to the star cast and the commercial aspect. So, Rock On 2 was quite slow but the overall story, the locations, the emotions were all fantastic. The music was really good and Usha Uthup rocked!!




Well, I normally restrain myself from talking about caste. Since I come from Nagpur (land of Deekshabhoomi)  I have been extremely careful about the whole caste issue. Then why this sudden outburst?

I am sure most of you must have read about the Dalit Student Committing suicide¬†episode. It has become a rage for the past two days and the politicians are leaving no stones unturned to make this a mass issue and the opposition is trying all their might to use this in their favor! Well, I have full sympathy towards this guy’s¬†family,again not with the boy but what is the use of making this a political issue! Everyone is blaming BJP and sympathizing towards the whole Dalit community. But noone has really bothered to check what really happened. By noone, I mean the media especially. This guy along with a group of guys apparently made a protest when Yakub Memom was hanged. I am a firm believer¬†¬†freedom of speech so accordingly to me voicing your opinion in social media or blog or any personal space about whether Yakub was good or not is never a problem. But doing it in public is against Indian laws. These guys did that and they got reprimanded for the same!! Now where did, Dalit or caste come in picture? I am sure the result would have been the same had it been a Brahmin, Kshatriya and what not!

I remember when I was in college, my hostel warden had sent a letter calling my parents when our girls gang stayed up late and danced through the night! It was simply about breaking the rule!! We were a group of girls belonging to different caste, different cities and different communities. Infact, the ¬†punishment that these guys got did not stop them from attending classes, they were only barred from hostels. Haven’t we all heard of cases of people getting expelled from college/hostel etc for breaking rules? Then why this hue and cry suddenly?

There was mad traffic jam in Hyd today because apparently Rahul Gandhi came to Hyderabad? I seriously wonder what did he have to do in this whole issue? Wait, did feel like eating Biryani and decided to come here giving this as an excuse? Or does he also wants this to use this for his next elections. In short, everyone is blaming Modi and BJP because somewhere inside a small room in University of Hyderabad one guy committed suicide because he could not face and fight with the world! Wah rey India, Jiyo!!

Anyways, the whole purpose of this post was to vent out my frustrations against the whole caste system in India. I know the so called upper class people inflicted a lot of pain to Dalits back in early days but din’t Dr Ambedkar worked on getting them sorted? I am sure things have changed a lot since then. Infact, its time the whole caste system is abolished. Reservations should strictly be based on financial condition and not on caste! I personally know so many of my friends who are doing so well in life and yes they do not belong to the “Open” category! ¬†Shouldn’t the educated people refrain from seeking added advantages in the same of caste and instead make those facilities available for poor people?

I am sure this post might irk a lot of people but trust me I have nothing against any caste. I just have a problem with this whole bloody system! If anyone needs special care its the poor people who cannot afford many privileges and not the so called ‘lower caste people’ roaming around in Mercedes and BMWs.

Before I sign off, suicide is not the solution to any problem. If it was then half the population of this world would have died. There are so many people going through bigger and much worse issues in life! If you commit suicide for just being from hostel, then sorry, you don’t have my sympathy!