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Small Joys

It suddenly dawned to S and me that it has been more than a month since we moved to our new home and we haven’t spend any quality time exploring our apartment complex. After a having a sumptuous brunch at Fusion 9, I had no mood to spend any more time outside. We came home early and I had a nice siesta. It was only 5PM so we decided to head out for a walk¬†and take a tour of the society. With people moving in slowly the society is turning out to be a beautiful place to love and we are utterly greatful for that. The plants which were small and tiny while we moved have grown so big and have started flowering. The horticulture team in our society has done a marvelous job.

Look at these beauties ūüôā



More about ur new home in some other post..




This is my view currently!! The image was shared in the whatsapp owners group of my new apartment by one of the members with a kickass camera..img_20161114_225417

Pic Credits: S from I block

. I am super grateful for this view and for the fact that we are in this apartment complex!



I am sure all of you know what Quora is but I still wanted to write about it. I really love Quora and even if one person starts using it after reading this post then the purpose would be served. Quora is basically a Question and Answer social media site. Remember the good old Yahoo Answers page? Quora is very similar to that albeit much bigger audience.


I am still not an active Quoran since I neither ask questions nor answer. I use it primarily for exposure to diverse subjects. Quora has wealth of topics .It makes us realize that there are so many things that we need to know about, study and research.  It gives you a realisation that there are so many aspects in life that we need to improve upon. Everytime, I read some inspiring story I get into a slight guilt that so much of my time and energy is wasted thinking about unnecessary politics, negativity and what not- that precious time which I could use for productive effort. Anyway, I am taking baby steps and havealready  started implementing small self improvement steps that I have read in Quora.

I would urge you to give Quora a try if you haven’t already. I am sure you won’t be disappointed!





Somewhere else, BURE DIN ARE HERE!!

Same time yesterday I wrote about Acche Din in India and look what I woke up to!!


Need I say more?

P.S: – I am an hour late for today’s post but I left office at 12.15 and just reached home! My project and my team does not deserve a hardworking person like me!!




Okay, I admit! This is much difficult than I thought :(. On a normal day I would never have signed up for¬†NaBloPoMo after reading¬†that one needs to post every single day for a month. While it might sound difficult to some, its impossible for me, or so I think!! If there is one thing I lack its DETERMINATION. If only I had half the said determination I would have been in a different place in life right now. Be it health, relations, hobbies, I just don’t have the will to pull it long. But off late, I came across some really inspirational people, kids especially that I felt ashamed of myself. Right when I was contemplating on some self- improvement NaBloPoMo flashed! I took it as a sign from Universe!!ce8989a8e0a217ed8caacf81ebca23bd

                                                                                                      Pic Credits: Pinterest


I had a busy day at work and I kind of had a brain freeze. I wrote about 400 lines of code only to reach a dead end. Looks like the whole approach is wrong. I tried to come up with some way to reach the end goal but looks like that is not going to happen and I may need to start over again. Blogging was the last thing I wanted to do. My hands and my brain are completely numb.

But then this is a challenge to myself, I am in no way giving up, not so early atleast!!